Breast augmentation & self-esteem

Breast augmentation doesn’t only mean augmenting the size of your breasts but also augment your self-esteem,self-confidence and sex-appeal.

Breast augmentation hides a desire to increase the erotic potential and seduction , to feel more comfortable in your body and happy in both your everyday life and sex life.

That doesn’t mean that some operations are only demanded to fill a bikini top or wear an open cleavage dress or a bralet.

The Breasts usually represent the femininity of a woman,therefore ,if it’s damaged or changed in anyway,the woman feels that all her femininity is affected.

Seeking breast augmentation always hides certain emotional pain and suffering,and self-denial,so doing the operation usually saves the day and helps women recover their true selves.

Breasts are of all shapes and sizes,therefore the producers have provided a wide range of implants to fit different patients breasts,assuring a harmonious and natural look.

Some people think that round implants give an artificial plastic appearance to the breast ,while anatomic implants give a more natural look,which is absolutely wrong,they are both chosen to give a natural look to the breasts in both cases. Round implants are designed for women who have their breasts in the shape of an apple and a well centered areolae on the mammary gland projecting it to the farest distance from the implant.

The anatomic implants are for patients having areaolae situated downward on the breast, meaning there’s a small distance between the areola and the breasts crease(fold),allowing it to be positioned in the right place. The only case where the patient gets to choose the shape of the implant on their own,is when they have very small sized breasts with no shape whatsoever. Round or anatomic,the important thing is that the patient finds her femininity and selfesteem.