Dark circles under eyes


The undereyes area can encounter many issues :

  • Dark circles
  • Puffed eyebags
  • Excess of skin
  • Hollow tear trough that will make you look tired

The causes of such manifestations are multiple ,it can be hereditary or caused by a bad life style,smoking,lack of sleep and exhaustion.

Good News is it’s all reversible :

Eye bags can be permanently removed surgically through a trans-conjunctival incision that leaves no trace or scars whatsoever.

Any excess skin will be tucked and hidden under the inferior eyelid.

For hollow undereyes we can intervene in two possible ways :

  • The surgical method which consists of injecting the purified fat of the patient extracted through a liposuction intervention,the method is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Injecting Hyaluronic Acid,which is a fast and efficient method that will last for quite sometime.it’s completely harmless and can be performed at any time with local anesthesia.

For Dark Circles,which usually appear because of bad blood circulation in the area (the skin is then not receiving enough oxygen), we have an efficient method consisting of 3 combined acts to fight this problem :

  • Carboxytherapy that consists of injecting CO2 gas in the area.The gas dilates the vessels enhancing the blood circulation and allowing a better oxygen flow to the zone therefore a better absorption to the nourishing factors that will later be injected.
  • Vitamin C injection that will stimulate collagen and decrease melanin production in the area.this act also has an effect on the free radicals generated by the UV rays,stress,smoking,pollution….by neutralizing them. Vitamin C has a repairing , whitening and feature.It can only be used to fight against the aging process.

This protocol is advised to be followed for 6 to 12 weeks according to the doctor’s orders, to which we can combine ,once per month , the injection of PRP that will accentuate the beneficial effect of this cure.

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