Our main domains of intervention are plastic surgeries and aesthetic medicine . these two domains require highly talented with high precision doctors and surgeons,to ensure complete satisfaction for our patients.

Plastic surgery concerns all body parts,face,breasts and intimate zones.

We have specialized surgeons in every domain.

During the operation ,the patient will be accompanied by a staff of plastic surgery specialists; doctors,nurses, anesthetists and plastic surgeons.

Our spcialists :

  • Dr Mona Hellali a maxilofacial plastic surgeon
  • Dr Atef Maherzi maxilofacial plastic surgeon
  • Dr Emna Azouz plastic surgeon
  • Dr Donia Blagui genocologist specialized in intimate plastic surgery
  • Dr Wahiba Chiboub aesthetic medicine
  • Dr Jihene Baccar aesthetic medicine
  • Dr Yousra Aouni cosmetic dentistry