Non-surgical lift

Non-surgical lift


Is it possible today to have a non-surgical lift ?


The answer is YES, it’s possible according not only to me or MedEsthetic doctors but to the one and only prominent plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio De Maio, who thinks that Hyaluronic Acid injections will soon outdate surgical lift.

Non-surgical lift in Tunisia consists of introducing resorbable threads to reshape eyebrows or lift the face.

These threads called PDO Threads are made of biomaterials that will totally be resorbed once they accomplish their tightening role.



It has a double advantage :

  • The biosubstance will be resorbed within 6 to 9 months,no foreign materials are introduced to the body.However,the results persist up to 2 years.
  • The intervention is limitlessly renewable thanks to the natural resorption criteria of the threads.

These threads have been used in heart surgeries and surgeries of delicate organs.

The threads are places in two directions to enter a good traction and a tightened face.

Thanks to this technique a lift for the cheeks is possible giving the face more volume.

This intervention is fast ,easy to perform,doesn’t require any preparations of the skin and lasts for less than 20 minutes.

The results are immediate and will get better and better in the following months.

In some cases,the surgical lift is necessary,but in Tunisia the non-surgical lift is more and more demanded.

It’s possible to realize this intervention the time you notice any loosening of the face skin and muscles.

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