How important it is to have a good smile and perfect healthy teeth and its impact on a person’s age and beauty?

Having healthy teeth doesn’t only ensure a good smile and chewing process,but also makes you look younger.

In fact, a missing or badly positioned teeth can cause a chin deformation and aesthetically affecting the face appearance.

We notice that for people suffering from dental problems and missing teeth ,have a bad jaw structure and their faces and cheekbones look hallow making them look older then they really are.

The shape of teeth also affects the face appearance, like flat teeth makes the face look flat and larger than it really is,long teeth makes your face have a bit of a longer shape…etc

Orthodontics is the solution to these issues,it might be a long procedure but it is worth the while.
The treatment can be associated with dental implants to replace the missing teeth and maintain the bone structure of the jaw.

However for people going for temporary short time solutions ,we recommend placing dental veneers and one of our dental treatments proposed MedEsthetic here in Tunisia.This technique gives you the perfect shining smile that you always looked for.

Also Noting that healthy teeth,indicates a healthy body.

If you have any questions or unsolved health related issues we’re here to answer all your questions and guide you to better dental care services in Tunisia.

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