Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is the most wanted aesthetic intervention after liposuction.

We resort to this procedure when we find that the breasts size is small proportionally to the rest of the body but also to repair the effect breast feeding and weight loss.

The goal is to obtain more firm and voluminous Breasts.

Augmentation Mammaire en Tunisie


The surgeon intervenes in two different ways :

1st Procedure

Lipofilling the Breasts by using your own fat extracted from the fat tissues in your thighs and belly then purified and injected to the breasts to remodel them and increase their volume.

Pro : No scars

Con : a part of the injected fats will not be vascularized which results in its resorption, therefore a second lipofilling is necessary for optimum results.

2nd Procedure

Increasing the breasts volume by silicone gel implants which will be introduced through very few centimeters ‘ small incisions.
3 implantation ways are possible :
The choice of the incision location, the volume and the implant’s profile will be evaluated and discussed in the preoperation sessions. Note that the morphology,size and breasts’ projection and position can only be evaluated during a clinical exam.

Before Intervention

  • Send front,leftside and rightside photos of your breasts to make sure theres’s no loosening and no need for additional breasts lifting .
  • Have a complete blood test check
  • Have an ultrasound or mammography test according to your surgeon’s request.
  • The surgeon will only operate after excluding all potential risks ( Tumors,Chronic diseases…etc)
  • Avoid the use of Aspirin and similar medications as it can induce hemorrhage during the intervention
  • Make sure to take a week’s long vacation from your work to undergo the operation

Intervention day

  • You have to be fasting ( a 12 hours fasting )
  • The intervention is held under general anesthesia which lasts for approximately 45 minutes plus a 24 hours stay at the hospital under observation.

After Intervention

  • The patient wakes up with dressings covering and protecting the whole chest area,they’re then replaced with smaller dressings covering the incision sites/scars before leaving the clinic.
  • A supporting bra will be worn by the patient before leaving the clinic and should be worn for 3 to 4 weeks ,day and night.
  • The breasts will be puffed and hard during the first 3 months postopération.With Time,they will get softer and less swollen as they gradually move downward to take their final position and definitive form.

During this healing process,the breasts may seem asymmetric , as one breast can heal faster than the other and it’s nothing to worry about.

You have to note that the breast naturally have a certain degree of asymmetry ,the surgeon will have that under consideration during the intervention.

In some cases,even after correction, a light asymmetry can persiste.but that doesn’t affect the apparent and final result.

The patient may experience some pain during the first 48h that will get less and less painful until it disappears the next few days.

  • Avoid any physical effort contributing lifting heavy weight and arms movements.
  • Sleep on your back and avoid sleeping on your side or belly.
  • Painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed for 7 days.
  • 1st shower is possible within 3 days from the intervention and after the 1st visit for the dressings removal.
  • After two weeks,massage and moisturize the skin to soften the breasts.


The scars will start to disappear within a year to become almost invisible, their aspect depends on your personal hygiene and skin type.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

  • The intervention does not affect the hormonal levels of the breasts or the rest of the patient’s body
  • The operation can be done only 3 months after stop of breastfeeding
  • You can plan a pregnancy 3 months after the operation,however,it’s preferable to wait for a whole year to avoid any potential deformation of the newly modeled breasts.


  • You’ll start to appreciate the final results after 3 months from the intervention.
  • The sensitivity of the areola won’t be affected.
  • Although mammary implants have a lifetime warranty, it’s not advisable to keep them all that long.
  • The lifespan of the implants is variable,it depends on your personal hygiene and life style.

Duration of stay in Tunisia

It should be a stay of a minimum of 5 days and 4 nights in Tunisia to make sure that you can go back safely to your country afterwards.


The costs depend on the different types of implants :

  • Round implants : 2200 euros
  • Natural (anatomic) implants : 2400 euros
  • Lipofilling (liposuction + lipofilling of the breasts) : 2900 euros

These prices do not include your plane ticket’s cost or preoperational tests fees.