Faiza Amouri

Faiza Amouri is a medical and plastic surgery consultant in Tunisia. Since 2005 , She , alongside with her team of experts have been guiding and helping thousands of Beauty seeking patients.

Over Years and Years of closely dealing with a great number of patients, we’ve come to fully understand and estimate their expectations and worries.

Such long career allowed us to improve our services and succeed in satisfying the most demanding patients and earning their trust by providing a safe surgery and hospitalization in a very comfortable and perfect environment in very flexible and affordable Prices.
Our Goal, is to insure security and satisfaction to our trusting patients,who generally come alone from all over the world,by providing the perfect aesthetic stay experience in Tunisia for them.

For more information regarding our services,offers and prices, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Structure that we have established combines organization to good quality to provide the most distinguished service to our clients.

We do not only provide aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery in Tunisia,but we also give you the possibility to put these services into organized events and group assemblies.

If you’re celebrating your engagement,wedding or birthday, if it’s a conference, seminars or even a Bachelorette’s / Bachelor’s party , We are here to help you celebrate those moments of success and joy in a beautiful environment that allows you to pamper yourself and correct the little imperfections that discomfort you at the same time.

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