Vaginal lift : Vaginoplasty

Is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina that’s become slack or loose from vaginal childbirth or aging.

Causes leading to vaginoplasty

Some women feel the necessity to go for a vaginoplasty to feel better about themselves.

This intervention can be aesthetic but also reparative: repairing the damage caused by repetitive vaginal childbirth or aging.

There are several causes that can be treated by vaginoplasty :

Advantages of a vaginoplasty

Thanks to this intervention,a woman can feel better about herself :

Aesthetic improvement

A better aesthetic appearance of the genitalia.

Physical comfort

less irritation and discomfort between your legs when walking or exercising or wearing tight clothes( bike riding, equitation, jogging…)


have better clothes’ choosing options.

A rejuvenated sex-life

more confidence, more pleasure and better satisfaction for both partners during the sexual act.

Before the intervention

In the pre-OP visits,one first visit followed by a second visit 15 days later,the patient goes under several clinical exams especially gynecology ,sexology and urology determine the causes of the loosening and how to perform the vaginoplasty,if the cause is linked to urology,the intervention will concern the perineum.if it’s a sexological problem,the exam will help determine the causes of the loss of sexual pleasure as for the gynecological exam ,it’s a complete generalizing exam that will help not only determine the causes but also the methods of intervention.

It’s important to stop smoking for at least a month before the operation.

Do not take any aspirin or similar medications for at least 10 days before the intervention.

Have a Betadine scrub shower before the intervention.

During the intervention

The intervention can be performed under general or local anesthesia,and takes 1 hour.

The hospitalization is for 24hours.

The operation follows a two step procedure : The surgeon makes an incision at the vaginal opening(no scars in the abdominal zone), the surgeon then performs a perineorrhaphy(suture of the perineum usually to repair a laceration occurring during labor),this step allows the surgeon to narrow the vaginal entrance. Then, your surgeon will do a colporrhaphy (surgical repair of the vaginal wall).Finally ,he will stitch the incisions and correct the episiotomy if necessary.

After the intervention

There is no post-Op special care,except for mild painkillers in case of pain.

As for the vaginal area hygiene,it requires a particular care procedure,since the scars healing process takes no less than 10 days to happen.

Hygienic tampons will be prescribed for about 2 weeks.

Take a 1 week vacation from work.

After going back to work,avoid lifting heavy objects.

Physical exercise and sexual intercourse are possible after one month from the intervention,at least.Start slowly ,to give the perineum muscles and vaginal walls the time to get used to their new tonus.


The results are visible within 3 months from the intervention.

Incontinence problems may appear early in that period of time.

The sexual pleasure will return gradually.

The intervention doesn’t affect pregnancies as long as the pregnancy is planned for at least 6 months post-OP, Also note that you have to mention your vaginoplasty to your Gyn-Ob doctor,to determine the most suitable childbirth method to deliver your baby.