Liplift in Tunisia

The intervention consists of narrowing the space between the nose and the vermilion border.

Normally that space should not exceed 13 to 15mm.any space longer than that would hide the person’s teeth .

liplift en tunisie


The surgeon will remove a band of 3 to 12mm to shorten the space between the vermilion zone and the nose holes.

Before Intervention

  • Prepare a full blood check

  • A thorax Xray

  • Take a one week vacation from work

  • Follow an arnica cure

  • Avoid taking aspirin and similar medications at least 10 days before intervention.

The intervention day

  • Patient should be fasting

  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia

  • You’ll leave the clinic the same day few hours after the intervention

  • The operation lasts for about 1 hour.

After the intervention

  • Some swelling of the upper lip can persist for 1 to 3 weeks after the intervention

  • The intervention is harmless and painless

  • Painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed for you

  • Usual activities are possible after 1 week

  • Physical exercise is possible within 2 weeks

Scars after liplift

They are pinkish at first but will regain natural color within 3 months and reach full maturity within a year.tehy’re well hidden in the natural folds of the nose,becoming invisible through time.


  • The intervention is simple,efficient and durable

  • The first results are noticeable within 3 weeks from the operation

  • The final result is observable in 6 months

Stay duration in Tunisia

It should be a stay of 5 days and 4 nights in Tunisia to make sure that you can go back safely to your country afterwards.

Price of liplift in Tunisia

The price of the liplift in Tunisia: from 1600 euros.

The price includes all costs except your plane ticket and your preoperative exams.