Breast reduction

Big sized breasts can cause severe backpain and spine related health issues.

Breasts reduction is an operation that helps solve that problem.



The surgeon makes 2 incisions :

One around the areola and the other vertically to the areola down to the breast’s natural fold.

He removes the excess fat glands and skin,then lifts the breast to an ideal position.

The incisions are then stitched with ultra fine stitching threads to avoid leaving any scars.

These incisions leave a scar in the form of an “I”.

Drains can be placed to avoid blood clotting and bruises.

Before intervention

  • Prepare a complete blood check.
  • Make an ultrasound or mammography image depending on your surgeon’s recommendations.
  • Note that your surgeon cannot operate before eliminating any possible risks and contraindications.
  • Avoid taking aspirin and any similar medications for at least 10 days before intervention.
  • Take a one week vacation from work.

The intervention Day

  • Patient must be fasting.
  • The intervention is performed under general lasts for about one and a half hours.
  • The hospitalization is for 24 hours.

After intervention

  • The patient leaves the OR with dressings covering the chest area that will later be replaced by smaller dressings covering the stitches.
  • A support bra will be worn for 3 to 4 weeks,day and night, to help hold the new shape of the breasts.
  • The pain is bearable.
  • Avoid any intense physical activity and lifting heavy objects.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Painkillers and antibiotics will be prescribed for 7 days.

The First shower is possible 3 days after the operation,after the 1st post-OP checkup when the dressing is removed.


The Scars will start to heal and disappear within a year to become almost invisible.


The ability to breastfeed depends on the severity of the corrected hypertrophy , if the volume removed is small ,the patient can still breastfeed her baby , if the volume removed is important, there’s a chance that the patient may lose the ability to breastfeed.


  • You’ll start to appreciate the results starting from the 3rd month post-Op.
  • Physical exercise is possible after 2 months from the intervention.

Stay duration in Tunisia

It should be a stay of 5 days and 4 nights in Tunisia to make sure that you can go back safely to your country afterwards.


The cost of breast reduction in Tunisia is 2400 euros.

These prices do not include your plane ticket’s cost or preoperation tests fees.