What is Nymphoplasty ?

Nymphoplasty or labiaplasty is the reduction procedure of the labial area,the Labia minora in particular.

The intervention consists of repairing the labia minora’s hypertrophy by removing the excess loosening skin.

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Causes of labia minora hypertrophy :

There is no particular cause for labia minora hypertrophy.the size of the labial area is mainly a genetic trait that differs from one woman to another but it can also be related to post childbirth,an accident or simply an anatomic variant.

This condition can be very uncomfortable to women both aesthetically and functionally, while walking, exercising or even engaging in sexual activities. Some women may feel unconfident about themselves because of this condition,in this case,seeing a sexologist becomes mandatory in association to nymphoplasty.

Before the intervention

Your surgeon will perform a gynecological exam and evaluate the degree of hypertrophy or asymmetry ,also the possibility of hyper-pigmentation or excess discharge in the labial area.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor all the questions that come to your mind. Before the intervention,it’s preferable to wax or raze the area 72 hours before your visit,as hair removal will help your doctor to do a better diagnosis and evaluation,but careful not to do it the day before the visit to avoid germ diffusion.

And like all surgical operations,a preoperation Povidone-iodine (BETADINE) shower is mandatory for three days before the operation.

Avoid taking aspirin for at least 10 days before the intervention.

The patient must be fasting for at least 6 hours before the intervention.

During the intervention

The intervention is realized under general or local anesthesia.

The intervention takes 30 to 45 minutes.

The hospitalization is for 12 to 24 hours.

There are two possible nymphoplasty interventions.

  1. The Triangular Technique: removing the skin in the shape of a triangle in the lower half of the labia minora,the incision is then stitched in junction to the labia majora. This technique reserves the aesthetic look of the genitalia,since the pigmentation and skin color will stay the same, the skin thickness and natural creases are also reserved.
  2. Longitudinal Technique :this technique is used when a large patch of skin is removed,it gives a neater and faster scaring ,but a less natural aesthetic look.

After the intervention

No specific treatments are required,except for some painkillers in case of pain.

Like all surgeries, especially in the genitalia area,personal hygiene is very important.

Some swelling and bleeding may occur.

Take a 2 to 7 days vacation from work.

Physical activity is possible after one month from intervention.

As for sexual activity,it’s advised to wait for 3 to 6 weeks before any sexual intercourse.

Make sure to wear comfortable and loose cotton based clothes,and panty liners to avoid irritating the labial area.


The results can be seen immediately after the operation,but you should wait 2 to 3 months for the final results,when the healing process is complete.

The quality of the final results depend on how much the natural anatomy of the patient is respected during the intervention.

If an asymmetry is observed after the operation,measurements of correction can be taken starting from the 6th month to a year from the first intervention.